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Breast Cancer Detection in Thermogram

یکی از مقالات منتشر شده توسط اعضا در ذیل آورده شده است: A Novel Model for Smart Breast Cancer Detection in Thermogram Images asian pacific journal of cancer prevention  Abstract Background: Accuracy in feature...


Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

یکی دیگر از مقالاتی که توسط اعضا تیم منتشر شده است : Authors ۱Hossein Ghayoumi zadeh; ۲Javad Haddadnia  ; ۳Maryam Hashemian; ۳Kazem Hassanpour Article 6, Volume 9, Issue 4, Autumn 2012, Page 265-274 Abstract Introduction This study is...


Distinguish breast cancer

Distinguish breast cancer based on thermal features in infrared images Authors H Ghayoumi Zadeh, I Abaspur Kazerouni, J Haddadnia, Mehdi Rahmanian, Reza Javidan, Mashallah abstract—In this paper we proceed breast cancer detection through thermal...