Variable color IR sensor (FPI

Here you can find all Variable color detectors from InfraTec

  • This unique new infrared detector design from the R&D lab at InfraTec was developed to allow scanning over a range of wavelengths by simply adjusting the control voltage. Instead of mounting filters to inspect specific areas of interest, the Fabry-Pérot filter control can be used to monitor a broad spectral region continuously.
  • Electrostatic drive
  • > 1 µm tuning range
  • Resolving power λ/ Δλ up to 60
  • Advantages of Fabry-Pérot interferometer (FPI detectors)


IR sensor

  • High flexibility in terms of the measurement substances
  • Application chemometric methods for multi-component analysis
  • Measurement of known compositions with overlapping bands
  • Identification of unknown substances
  • Cost-effective, robust and miniaturized solution
  • Product Range FPI detectors

Different types with first order filters and wide tuning ranges are currently available. They span nearly the whole mid and long wave infrared range of about (3 … 11) μm. Other ranges or customized designs may be possible on request.

Devices with integrated ASIC can be operated in a control loop – in this type designation they are characterized by the letter “C”. Position feedback of the reflector plates is given by capacitance measurement. This means the filter can be stabilized against external acceleration forces. Temperature drifts are automatically compensated by closed loop operation as well.

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